Yo! I'm so happy I've found this site. I mean wow, my grandmother told me we had Indian blood. But I've been shunned by so many others when I bring it up. Thank you for being here!! I have found my home!!

Jay Carter
I joined years ago. I love my Binay family. I have learned so much. Now know how to do may things at Pow wows and protocal that I did not know in the past. Thank you Chief Eaglefeather for sharing your knowledge and your heritage with all of us.

Randy Sutton
I went to a Native Event and when I spoke to someone about being Native they just looked at me. But when I showed them my Tribal card, they then respected me.

Thank you for doing that search for me and thank you for accepting my application two years ago. Its been so much better ever since.

Donny Withny

To be a Tribal member of Binay to me means being part of a community of brothers and sisters who live and seek their authentic roots and connection with the spirit of our ancestors.

Laura Rodriguez
I went to a Pow wow and I was blown away. I mean wow to know that my ancestors are still alive and well and flurshing gave me a sence of pride I had never known.

Ronda Smith
I came to this site to see what was going on. Someone told me about this Tribal group. I have to be honest I was skeptical but I feel like you people simply take pride in your heritage.

That is what I'm looking for

Mark Twomoons
Some people told me I was crazy that there are no such thing as a Black Indian. Then I showed them this site and it blew them away. Not only did I find Natives but pictures of the 1800's proving it.

Thank you for being here BlackIndians.com

Rowanda Sparks.
I believe that our ancestors are honored here. And that this is the right move to make. Becoming a tribal member is my next step. Thank you Binay.

Charlie ManyHorses.