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Ashoge, Skeetzee

CJ Eaglefeather

"The Tribal Community In Unity"

"Family, History, Culture, Pride"

Watch Native movies.

Comedian Charlie Hill
On the Richard Pryor Show
Last of the Dogmen,1995
Staring Tom Berenger,  Bob Hershey,

Steve Reevis and Kirkwood Smith

A man called Horse
My favorite Jim Stewart movie
Sidney Poitier is a Black Cherokee in this Western movie.
Sitting Bull

Native Comedy

"Marc My Words" - Native American Comedian Marc Yaffee
Goin' Native the American Indian Comedy Slam see in full HD on

Our 2017 Native Music Pics

South American Native Brother
The Native Sounds of Ah Nee Mah
The Peaceful Power of R. Carlos Nakki
The Native Soul Sounds of
Robby Robertson