History 101

Many winters ago, there where great nations that lived on this continent. Apache, Arapaho, Dineh, Pima, Lakota, Choctaw, Miscasuki, Misquali, and other great Indian Nations.

The Early Europeans that came here looked to destroy, divide and conquer. They wanted to subdue the earth. And so they did. To complete this horrible work, they used slaves. Captives from another far away land. Others of a Great nation. Mandigo, Pikuyu, Masai, Kambulu, Africans.

These people where brought here under duress and chains Many of them escaped and hid with the Indians. The Colonial officials figured they must divide and conquer these two people. But if they stood side by side, they would not stand a chance.

So they Hired Indians to become slave hunters. And Hired Slaves to hunt Indians. Indian against African, African against Indian. In many places this worked. And in some places it didn't.

Choctaw, Chickasaw, Seminol and other Tribes that had these slaves fought many times side by side. And in many cases intermarried and had children. Today the children of these Indian and African's are known as BlackIndians.

Today a struggle still goes on to be excepted. We are the children of the great warriors of old. At a time when the dawning of a new age where we can call each other brothers and sisters, we strive to free our families of a prejudice learned. And seek to embrace both heritage and culture into one.

We are the offspring of our ancestors, and so, we are proud of who we are and we are not ashamed.

Chief Eaglefeather

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