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What does BIINAA stand for? pronounced  "bin-A"

Black Indians & Intertribal Native American Association

Who and what Are You?

BIINAA is a growing community of people who Identify with their Native and African American ancestry and other ethnicities. Many of us are of mixed heritage. As the beginning of the web site suggest, " With a special interest in the Native/African American community " A relationship and heritag proven to be fact but seriously over looked in history. And though we focus upon Black and Native Relationship we are an Intertribal Association which means other people groups of Native Decent as well. 

What is our purpose?

We have many,  here are a few. To gather the people. Both American Indian, and African American, and Indian Africans. To Share with others who we are. To build a trust in relationships, and create a bond. Repair ones that has been broken and lost.

We believe that we must know each other and learn from each other. to make aware to those who would listen, facts about or existence, without being refused or called a wannabe tribe or a recist group. We promote equality not segregation. And to teach that those beautiful dark people that you see honoring their ancestors at many Native events and Powwows are not wannabe's. With love honor and respect we exist.

The Indian and the African ounces lived together. Fought side by side in the past. And will continue in the present and will continue.

In history many have married and Today many have married in the future this will continue. And we want this to so that we can live and stand strong together. Binay is a place not just for those who are mixed but those who have been outcast such as the Cherokee who disenroll their members because they are of African decent. Binay is for those who have both African and Indian, Indian and African, and who feel the wish in there hearts to honor both sides of there strong blood line heritage and honor their ancestors.

What do you provide?

Our members are provided with assistance in trying to locate there Native blood relations should they chose to go further. This is not a hoax or a wannabe club. This is a real Native/African American community of people with mixed blood collaborating together for a common cause. With respect and honor. Along with a monthly news letter, we provide information and place where people can learn to do and buy crafts, find music, and get gathering information for Pow wows. We also provide membership card and a certificate to let the world know we are proud of who we are. We also provide information about Indian culture, crafts and gathering information known as Powwows still in existence today. Celebrations of honor, family and love. There are also some other special privileges that our members receive that are not listed. For those who join, we will have yearly gatherings, Poetry Contest where people can win prizes and other gifts. We will have a Miss BlackIndian contest as well. Very inexpensive Authentic Native Crafts provided to us by RedDeerTable.com and huge discounts on otherproducts, and materials that ll help many find there Native heritage. To go even deeper, we have provided a way to do it for them fully. For more information on that click here.

What is the goal of BlackIndians.com?
To provide, links, newsletters, and written information concerning Native American history, and to direct many to the awareness. To provide a place where we can meet and fellowship and speak of our ancestors and to embrace them through each other. We encourage others to join us. In our message board. We help with ancestral research to some degree and help on the Indian side as the information is provided to us. We also provide a place were many can beautify there homes with authentic Indian Crafts. And with insights on Regalia and Protocol. To feel the warmth and love of culture and belonging. With Music, books, tapes. And gathering [Mini Powwows]. News of other Black Native American Gathering threw out the USA. Many of these are posted on the message board. We are branching out in many cities and our Binay [BIINAA] Tribe will host powwows, gatherings and other events to honor our ancestors.

Who is excepted?

Respectfully, we honor everyone who joins. It is our feeling that since you will not be issued a BIA [Bureau of Indian Affairs] or (CDIB) card those that seek enrollment hold a legitimate claim to become part of this association. Also, at your request only, We will assist you in doing a search to find out if you have NA blood as the documents are provided to us. If any information of your ancestors are located we will direct you where "you " should go to gather more information. Where you take this information is entirely up to the members if they want to do anything further. But the Card and Certificate we provide you with is from BIINAA. For many people, many people records where lost, stolen, burned, or were destroyed, so there are many who are Native but cannot prove there ancestry. We are a home for many, sort of like a Internet open reservation. [ Reservation is used with caution] On many of the Census that where taken, Many Native Americans where placed as Black, and just as many Where placed as mulatto, there are many people that are Native American but where never placed on Tribal Rolls. So there is no guarantee that a person's family name would be on any Indian Rolls this does not make you Non-Indian! And I stress that Point! BIINAA is a home for those people also.

Are you Just for Black Indians and Native Americans?

Expressly the answer is "no!" This is not a racist group or a prejudice group. We only use Black Indians because of a historical "Lost Ark " so to peak in the history books. We do take a special interest to teach others that we do exist (BlackIndians). You can join if you are Full-blood, European, Spanish, African and so on. We do not discriminate and do not support segregation at all. We are an association family centered, Love comes in all colors. We want to help our people on these reservations where they need help. Plus teach history correctly that isn't written in the books of old, to those living off reservations. To many have learned from the spaghetti westerns and old false so called Indian Movies as to what and who Indians really are. And most of them where Italians dipped in dark red paint with wigs. Those are fake Indians we are real. I want to point out some very good and excellent books to read. BlackIndians An American Story Narrated by James Earl Jones. Who is also a Black Cherokee. Black Indians A. Hidden Heritage Written by Author William Loren Katz.

I have some Questions?

Please e-mail us any questions you may have [email protected]

What about Indian Names? Names are very sacred to us. So we do not initially give out Indian Names. Many members that we have already have Native Names. And yes, some chose there own, and others have had authentic naming ceremonies. We will conduct our own naming ceremonies at our mini powwows under the knowledge that we have and our ancestors who are legitimate Tribal members. The name given on our Association Cards are only temporal names.  We will temporarily except the name you send in on your application form but please not that names are sacred, and used with high honor and respect please do not send in foolish and disrespectful names. Before you do send in a name we ask that you think very clearly, and pray for guidance, and not just through in a name that pops in your head.

Do you support any charities?

Yes, we do, we support Lakota Chapel and the Mercy Ship. Lakota Chapel Ministry is run by Pastor Danielle Laplante a full blood Sioux, who helps, feed and cloths the people on his reservation. "Cheyenne Indian Reservation" Every year we send cloth and money to help support his ministry and take care of the kids, so every time you purchase a membership or buy something from our site and RedDeerTable.com your supporting them also. For more information visit EagleCircleDrum.com

What's this ID card Business about?

The Cards are a proud way of showing others who we are. They show other BlackIndians also that there is a place of acceptance for them as well. Its a fact that many documents where destroyed in Fire and data for many will never be obtained. This is a beginning for many. While some of us do have Indian Blood and are Registered, there are many who are not who should be recognized. We recognize you. The Certificate we present is also to show others how proud you are of your heritage and proof of your Association acceptance, and showing others you are not ashamed. If you have any inquiries concerning these things please email us at: [email protected]

Please Note: If your applying for membership, make sure that you "fill out an application" if you do not do so, you will greatly delay your membership. Please notify us if you have a problem with the online application and we will mail you one.

Why do you require a Wallet size Photo?

A Passport Photo is the only thing that we except. You will be much happier with the results, so please send a wallet sized photo. Please make sure it is centered and clear. All fuzzy photos will be returned or not excepted.

Are you a Real Chief?
I see your name is Chief Eaglefeather, how did you get that name?
Are you a self proclaimed Chief?

My name is Jerry Eaglefeather. I was given that name when I became a young man at 16. Its our way. Before that I was called Twofeathers. The names mean a lot in our heritage. My name Eaglefeather Means Balance. Or sacred one. It is EChoch in our language.

Are you a self-proclaimed Chief? The answer is no I am not.

I have spent many years serving my community and for my people and other Native Tribes, bands, and groups. Serving as Head dancer, Lead singer to a few Drum groups and organizer, arena director and contest judge for many powwows.

In 1986 I was Head dancer at a Powwow known as "Powwow on the Hudson" [BlackHawk Band] Gathering in NYC. I was also lead singer of the host drum that day.  At one point in the powwow, after 13 years of service to the communities, the Elders and Clan mothers gathered inside the circle. They then spoke of the men in the band and called some to be chiefs. These men that the Clan Mothers chose had been watched for years and my name was called amongst those men.  To my surprise they told me that they had been watching me, and have chosen me to be one of the new chiefs of that band. I humbly excepted. Since then I have been called Chief Eaglefeather. I did not give myself this name but I hold it with all honor and respect to my elders. And it is with this title, I lead our association and our people to a warrior spirit, and encouragement in not being afraid or ashamed of who you are!

What is the members only section about?

There is a section being redeveloped to accomodate our members. Not open to the public who visit the web site. It is a place we can congregate and fellowship. It will soon be open to members only. For more information contact us at email to
[email protected] .

We encourage people to join for many reasons. For one, is peace of mind. Second Family, Third Being part of History, and culture. You are now a part of History.

What are some of the other benefits?
In many government agencys there are emenities set aside for Native Americans. Since its not easy to prove Native Ancestry without BIA or CDIB card. This gives you another option. And having a lagitimate Native group standing with you helps in many ways. More of this is explained in your membership packet. We will not go into great detail here as this is an open public web page.

How are you recognized?

Binay is a Tribally recognized tribal group under 501 (c) 3. State of IL. . .. We are "not" BIA Recognized, and we are not a group under the Indian Act. However we are a legitimate intertribal group that has been around since 1989. And our tribal card ID has been accepted in many Native American Pow wows, Festivals and groups as having legitimate Native American Ancestry.

Most of our members [90%] have taken DNA test. And have proven even as small as 1 % Native American Ancestry. With that said we accept members who have at least 1% by DNA Test. We also pay close attention to members application. It is very important that people who sign fill out as much as they can on their application so that they will not be turned down.

If you have a question that is not listed here please email us at
[email protected]

Thank you