"Why get your tribal ID?"

Why is this important?
Here are a few:
First is validation. Without a tribal ID your ancestry is hard to prove. The Stories maybe legitimate but when your trying to prove your ancestry most people have a hard time believing you and unless you can prove it they wont take you seriously. But with you Binay Tribal ID you have the proof that you are a member of a legitimate tribal group of Native Americans decent. Not by BIA standards which has been shown to be predjudice. But by a tribal group that has been around for nearly 30 years. And who has been honoring our ancestors since time began.
Secondly, Many pow wows will not acknowledge you as a Native without tribal affiliation or ID. While a few will, most of them will not. However our tribal ID has been honored by more Native Tribal groups that any other group. And the acceptance has grown greatly since 1980's. if you show that you are Native you stand a better chance of being accepted with proof. We help you get that proof.
Thirdly, your ancestors are honored. Because you have taken serious steps to show everyone and yourself that you are proud of your heritage.

Black-Indians, or Black Native Americans are synonymous in its wording. Red and Black or Black and Red. There are many thousands of Black Indians In America. The Ancestors of those who mixed long ago, and those who mix also today. From Lakota, Navajo, Cherokee, Apache, Comanche, and Black Foot and many more tribes. Have been around for a very long time. And each day still more are born.
This is not a new concept, or a fake assertion. This is fact.
Sadly some people think that you can only be native if your registered with BIA or the United States government and if not then you are not Indian. Well in fact none of us are actually Indian. We are not from India so we are not Indian. [Columb-ass] thought he was in Indian when he came to the western hemisphere.
Registered means your logged into a list of people who must spend their lives in a concentration camp. A prison, a Jail.
Registration with Binay means the opposite: It means you are free, you are not in prison and you cans till be recognized as who Creator made you to be.
Our ancestors are Indigenous to this land. Our ancestors were the original inhabitants. And though some may not recognize us, we are recognized by Binay. And we Black-Indians will continue to live our live in an honoring way, full of culture and heritage and strength.
We are people of honor and integrity, of culture and harmony. we are not a new age group and we are not a cult. We are simply men woman and children that honor our ancestors, those who came before us. Those who struggled and many who died to give us our heritage, we live for them today.
Most of all we honor our Creator who made us who we are. And we live our lives in such a way to give honor back to Him.
It is a joy to be Binay. To know who I am. To not be dictated by someone who knows nothing about me to tell me who I am. I know who I am. I am proudly red and black and those of us who are mixed blood. that means we are Binay yeha noha.
Share your heritage with your family and friends. Show them your tribal ID. Show off your certificate by hanging it on the wall in your home or office. And let them know that your ancestors are honored. That our Creator is praised and you know who you are.
Chief Eaglefeather

If you are interested and would like the many thousands of Mixed blood Natives that have decided to become recognized then click here to fill out an application. We will process your application as soon as possible. Be sure to read all documents when you click the link. Any questions email us at [email protected]